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Platform Scales

Platform scales for general use in various sizes and capacities and also in stainless steel for hygienic requirements. Contact Midweigh for your specific requirements.

OIML, IP67 mild steel platform weighing scale
UK-made mild steel platform scale, at the forefront of industrial weighing for over 25 years. Design, build quality and OIML approved, IP67-rated loadcells guarantee long lasting, accurate and reliable performance. Highly customisable.
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Mild Steel Platform Scale
OIML, IP67 platform weighing scale with forklift guides
UK-made portable, heavy-duty platform scale with built-in forklift guides. Scale can be quickly and easily picked up and moved to the desired location, providing flexibility to weigh wherever it is needed. OIML approved, IP67-rated loadcells. Highly customisable.
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Mild Steel Fork-Guide Platform Scale
OIML, IP67 drive-in scale,  built-in ramps, weigh trolleys, pallet trucks
UK-made, low profile, mild steel drive-through platform scale. Ramps provide eacy access for trolleys, pallet trucks, cages etc. Handles provided for portability. OIML approved, IP67-rated loadcells.
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Mild Steel Drive-Through Scale
Platform scale for warehouses and factories weighing pallets
UK-made u-shape pallet scale ideal for warehouses or factories with pallet trucks. Easily transportable with lifting handles. OIML approved loadcells. Scale available in mild steel, with IP67 rated loadcells, or stainless steel with IP69 rated loadcells.
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Mild Steel U-Shape Scale
Premium quality OIML, IP69K platform weighing scale
Premium quality, UK-made stainless platform scale. OIML approved, IP69K loadcells provide accurate, reliable performance in harsh environments. Customisable to specific requirements, custom dimensions or extra high/low capacities.
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Stainless Platform Scale
OIML, IP69K hygienic drive-in platform weighing scale
High quality, stainless lift-up drive-in platform scale. OIML approved, IP69K loadcells. Ideal for Pharma, food production and cosmetic industries. Lifting device enables 360 degree access for deep cleaning to eliminate hygiene and contamination risks.
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Stainless Lift-Up Drive-In Scale